Professor Dr Zoltan Vig and advocate Dr Slobodan Doklestic have published in 2016 a monograph titled “Requirements of Lawful Taking of Foreign Property in International Law“.

The primary goal of this monograph, as it is stated in its introduction, is to examine the conditions for lawful taking of foreign property in international law.

By comprehensive analysis of international jurisprudence, related academic literature, and international case law, the authors have attempted to prove that there are three requirements of taking of foreign property which must be satisfied: 1) taking should be for public purpose; 2) non-discriminatory; 3) appropriate compensation should be provided.

Monograph in a systematic way analysis and process all stated requirements of lawful taking of foreign property in international law, classifying the entire contents in five chapters: 1) Notions; 2) The right to take property and the public purpose; 3) The principle of non-discrimination; 4) Compensation for the taken property; 5) Conclusion.

One of the main reasons for publishing this monograph is the fact that taking of foreign property is one of the so-called non-commercial risks foreign investors have to face abroad.
Monograph has 136 pages and is realised exclusively in English language.


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