ZAGREB (Croatia), January 11 – Ivica Todoric, owner of Croatia’s ailing concern Agrokor, said on Thursday he has lodged a complaint with the European Commission, claiming that the law on extraordinary administration of Agrokor adopted by his country violates European law.

“The complaint has also been submitted to the president of the European Commission,” Todoric said in a new post on his blog.

Todoric also said he will forward the document to the prime ministers of all EU member states and to representatives of the European Parliament.

International and Croatian legal experts participated in drafting the complaint, Todoric said.

He went on to say that the law on extraordinary administration, popularly known as Lex Agrokor, seriously violates the Croatian constitution and the the EU’s acquis communautaire.

“This is not a lawsuit against my homeland, it is a suit against an unreasonable policy and those implementing it, against whom I will never stop fighting,” Todoric concluded.

In April last year, the Croatian government stepped in to prevent the collapse of indebted Agrokor, appointing a receiver to lead the restructuring process at the food-to-retail concern. Todoric was stripped of his managerial rights under Lex Agrokor but remains owner of the concern.


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