The Government of Montenegro (MNE) did not deliberate on Thursday (16 May 2019) on the proposal of the Concession Act for Airports of Montenegro, although this was set as one of 46 items on the agenda.

The Government’s Office for Public Relations commented for the daily newspapers “Pobjeda” that this document was not included in the final agenda that is adopted at the beginning of each session but was instead returned for further review and that it will be reassessed by the Economic Policy Commission.

Yet, the Government of MNE has adopted the report on business operations of the Airports of Montenegro (

Planned concession of the Airports of Montenegro should last for 30 years, with one-off initial payment of 100 million EUR and with expected yearly consideration in the amount from 5 up to 20 percent of the revenues, as well as with the investment of 200 million EUR in the airports’ infrstructure.


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