Our Job is to add value to clients businesses.


Our Job is to add value to clients businesses.

About Us

Doklestic Repic & Gajin is a full-scale law firm focusing on all aspects of business law based in Belgrade, Serbia. We have been recognized on the market as a premium law firm that is distinctive in its approach to clients and their businesses. Our clients include leading multinational and domestic corporations, as well as most prominent international organizations, business associations, domestic NGOs, etc. Likewise, we often advise and represent individuals who need protection of their legal rights and interests.

While our law firm is headquarted in Belgrade, Serbia, we are aware of increasing regional needs of our clients. For that reason, we have established strong relationships with leading independent law firms in neighboring jurisdictions of Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia, which enables us to service our clients also in those jurisdictions through our dedicated regional desks specialized for those jurisdictions.

We are proud of five basic principles that define who we are and how we approach the job we do:

Premium legal service

We set high standards in providing legal services. Our legal service is far above the market standards.

Business-oriented approach

We do not fit into a conventional stereotype of a lawyer who would as a rule disregard financial, strategic, operational, organizational and other non-legal aspects of clients’ businesses. Many of our lawyers are dually educated holding degrees from both law schools and business schools.


Our business model allows us to deliver results at reasonable price. We do not overcharge for anything.

Integrity and Accountability

We never compromise our integrity, and we always stay independent in our opinion.

Long-term Relationships with Clients

We build long-term relationships with our clients, looking at them as our long lasting business partners.

News And Events

SERBIA: Novelties in court practice in labor disputes arising in relation to redundancy procedures

This short piece by DR&G’s partner Dr Slobodan Doklestic explains new recent developments in court practice in Serbia in labor disputes that arise in relation to redundancy procedures carried out by employers.

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The Law on Central Record of Beneficial Owners, which came into force on 8th June 2018,  regulates the issue of beneficial owners of companies, i.e. the procedure of documenting and registering information regarding beneficial owners.

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Competition Law in Montenegro: 2018

What was new in competition law in Montenegro in the previous year?

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Competition Law in Serbia: 2018

Our competition team has prepared a brief annual overview of the major developments in Serbian competition law during 2018.

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