Lex Adria

LEX ADRIA – One team for the Adriatic.

Lex Adria ( is an alliance of leading independent law firms in the Adriatic region, providing seamless and premium legal support across the area. The alliance will further enhance the regional capabilities of Doklestic Repic & Gajin (DR&G) and other members of the alliance, which will, through Lex Adria, continue to provide high-quality, uniform and efficient legal support throughout the entire region of the former Yugoslavia.

The founding partners of the alliance are leading business law firms in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia:

Within the alliance, in addition to Serbia, DR&G will also cover the jurisdictions of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

All member firms of Lex Adria have been recognized as leading full-service business law firms in their respective jurisdictions. In the process of creation of the alliance, each member firm was carefully selected and vetted to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards, common culture of timely responsiveness, and client satisfaction.

Lex Adria member firms provide a full range of legal services and share the vision of leveraging the network to provide seamless and fully integrated cross-border legal support. Each member firm has an outstanding track record of professional achievements and substantial experience in providing complex legal advice and support to international clients under the highest standards of the industry.

The alliance’s structure and organization of work ensure that the client receives a premium legal advice from a single point of contact, regardless of the number of jurisdictions involved. In that way the client can benefit from:

  • an efficient organization of work – through one main point of contact (project manager),
  • uniform legal service,
  • integrated teams, and
  • combined regional cross-border expertise and know-how of all Lex Adria members.

The membership in the alliance is based on “one firm per jurisdiction” principle and is by invitation only.

For more information, please visit or contact Dr. Slobodan Doklestic.

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