Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal status

Doklestic & Partners z.a.k. (the “Firm”) is established in a legal form of a joint law office (in Serbian: “zajednička advokatska kancelarija”) registered in accordance with the Law on Advocates’ Profession (in Serbian: “Zakon o advokaturi”; hereinafter the “Law”) of the Republic of Serbia.

According to Article 45 of the Law two or more advocates may by an agreement regulating their mutual business and property relations establish a joint law office (hereinafter: the “Law Office”). The founding parties are obliged to deliver this agreement, together with the registration application, to the competent Bar Association within 15 days upon execution for the registration purposes. All founding advocates from the same Law Office must have the same registered seat of their offices. The Law Office must have a notice board stating the words: “joint law office” and the name of the Law Office, in accordance with the founding agreement and the Statute of the competent Bar Association. The Law Office does not have a status of a juridical (legal) person. The Law Office ceases to exist by agreement of the founding advocates or if there is only one advocate remaining as a member of the Law Office.

Managing partner

Managing partner of the Firm is Dr Slobodan Doklestic.

Legal services

Legal services on behalf of the Firm are provided by its founding partners – i.e. advocates that established the Firm, as well as by other lawyers engaged in the Firm (the “Lawyers”). The Firm will ensure that on each matter for each client the Firm’s legal team is composed of the adequate number of lawyers with adequate level seniority, as may be more specifically agreed on with the client, in order that the clients receive professional and efficient legal service at reasonable cost.

According to Article 46 of the Law, each client may empower for representation only one, some or all Lawyers engaged in the Firm (i.e. in the Law Office).

Registered address

Registered address of the Firm is the following: Bulevar oslobodjenja no. 203, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

For more detailed contact information please click here.


All communication between the Firm and its clients, prospective clients, business partners and any and all other persons, including by email messages, is confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third party without prior consent of the sender, i.e. the Firm. It is intended only for the individual(s) or entity(ies) to whom such communication have been specifically addressed and who are authorized to receive it, and may be privileged or otherwise protected by attorney work product immunity or other legal rules. If you have received it by mistake, or if you do not accept to be bound by the confidential nature of such communication, please do not read, copy or use it, or disclose its contents to others. Please notify the sender that you have received such communication by mistake by replying to it, and then delete the email and/or any other mean of communication and any copies of it.

Legal privilege

According to Article 20 of the Law, each attorney at law (advocate) is obliged, in accordance with the Statute of the Bar Association and Code of Professional Ethics of Advocates, to keep as a professional secret and to seek that the same is done by all persons employed in his law office everything that was disclosed to him/her by the client or its authorised representative or what he/she found out in any other way in a matter in which he/she provides legal advice and representation to the client in preparation, during and after the cessation of the representation (“Duty of Legal Privilege”).

Duty of Legal Privilege is not limited in time.

The manner of keeping of the Legal Privilege and acting with respect to the Legal Privilege are regulated in more detail in the Statute of the Bar Association and in the Code of Professional Ethics of Advocates.

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