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CONSTITUTIONAL COURT: alcohol in employee’s blood above 0.00‰ as reason for termination of employment


Employer can prescribe any presence of alcohol in employee’s blood above 0.00‰ as reason for termination of employment 

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Doklestic Repic & Gajin has contributed to a white paper on Cross Border Service Provisions in Europe, edited by ELA


Apart from Serbia, the white paper covers the rules governing cross border services in 30 other European countries.

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Serbia: Acquisition of Leading Retailer of Consumer Electronics Goes to Phase II


The Serbian competition authority has opened a Phase II investigation of a planned combination between two leading retailers of consumer electronics and home appliances.

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Serbia: Constitutional Court Rejects Application for Review of Protection of Information Provisions in Competition Act


The Serbian Constitutional Court has rejected the application for constitutional review of an article in the Competition Act regulating protection of information in proceedings before the country’s competition authority.

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Serbian Ministry of Finance specifies which documents verify employee’s commuting expenses


Ever since the Ministry of Finance issued an official opinion that the reimbursement of commuting costs should be documented with a credible document to be eligible for tax exemption.

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Competition Newsletter: June 2019


Our competition newsletter for June is out!

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Serbia: State Aid Watchdog Probes Subsidies for Electricity from Renewables


Serbia’s State aid authority has looked into state subsidies for electricity generated from renewable sources.

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Compensation of Transportation Costs to and from Work


Serbian Tax Inspection has begun the control of accounts keeping in companies.

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Serbia: Police Assist NCA in Dawn Raid


The Serbian competition authority has performed another dawn raid – this time with police assistance.

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Montenegro - Fiduciary Transfer of Ownership as a Means of Securing Receivables


The legal system of the Republic of Serbia does not regulate the institute of fiduciary ownership transfer and court practice has mainly held that this type of securing claims is prohibited and null and void.

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