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Doklestic Repic & Gajin Launches French Desk


Doklestic Repic & Gajin is pleased to announce the launch of its French Desk, led by Ms. Marija Papic.

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Serbia: New Preventive Measures for Employers and Employees


The Ministry of Labor has adopted the Rulebook on Preventive Measures for Safe and Healthy Work!

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Competition Newsletter: June 2020


Doklestic Repic & Gajin competition newsletter for June is out!

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The Deadline for the Registered Bidders to Comply With the New Law Expires on 1 July 2020


In order to comply with the new Law on Public Procurements and the Rulebook on the Content of the Register of Bidders!

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Serbia: Incentive Measures Regarding Debt Securities


Legal framework of stimulative measures aimed to support the economy!

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Montenegro: Draft of the Company Law


Significant Improvement Compared to the Current Law!

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Montenegro: Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Payment Transactions


The aim for drafting the Draft Law is to harmonize Montenegrin legislation in payment transactions field...

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Competition Newsletter: May 2020


Our competition newsletter for May is out!

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Bosnia & Herzegovina: “Corona Law” – New Measures in Tackling Negative Impacts of COVID-19


Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has recently adopted the Law on Mitigation of Negative Economic Consequences.

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Serbia: Using employees’ fingerprint to record their working hours


Is it justified for employers to use the employees’ fingerprint to record their working hours?

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