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Merger Control in Serbia: Who Can Challenge Commission Decisions?


Similar to the question who can challenge the Competition Commission’s...

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Serbia: Who Should Have Standing to Challenge Individual Exemption Decisions?


Apart from whether to retain the current notification system of individual exemption...

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Individual Exemption in Serbia: Notification or Self-Assessment? Both!


In the process of the drafting of the new Serbian Competition Act...

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Serbia is soon to get a new Competition Act


Serbia is soon to get a new Competition Act, and while it’s uncertain which parts of the current law will be reformed...

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Serbian Commission Imposes a Fine for Excessive Pricing


The Serbian Competition Commission seems to want to get as many cases off the table as possible before the year’s end...

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Serbia: Investment Incentives and State Aid


State subsidies for direct investments represent one of the main reasons why foreign investors come to Serbia...

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Serbia’s First Competition Law Association Formed in Belgrade


On Friday, Serbia got its first competition law association – the Serbian Competition Law Section. 

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Serbia: First Phase II Merger Probe of 2017


By a decision dated 10 October 2017, the Serbian Competition Commission has launched its first Phase II merger probe of 2017. The examined transaction pertains to the planned acquisition of a Serbian yeast producer...

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Serbian Commission Launches Discriminatory Pricing Probe


The Serbian Competition Commission has continued with a high level of enforcement activity, this time by launching an abuse of dominance investigation against the
operator of a bus station...

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Antitrust: Commission fines Scania €880


The European Commission has found that Scania broke EU antitrust rules. It colluded for 14 years with five other truck manufacturers on truck pricing...

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