Joint law firm Doklestic Repic & Gajin, with registered seat at Petra Kocica 4, 11000 Belgrade (Vracar), Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: “DR&G”) is led by the highest ethical standards while providing legal services.

All attorneys and lawyers in DR&G will always comply with provisions of the Code of Professional Lawyers’ Ethics in Republic of Serbia, as well as all relevant laws and regulations governing the provision of lawyers’ services in Serbia.

Our Commitment

DR&G treats the threat of corruption with a special level of attention. In relation to that, one of the basic principles of DR&G in the provision of legal services is adherence to and respect of regulations on the prohibition of corruption.

DR&G as well as all persons within DR&G (hereinafter: the “DR&G Persons”) in the provision of legal services will adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and will require of its associates, agents, consultants and representatives to comply with all applicable laws of Republic of Serbia, including, without limitation, those regulations relating to the prohibition of giving and receiving bribes and other corruptive practices.

Aim of this Policy

In its operations DR&G regularly and systematically monitors and tracks all payments and giving anything of value by the DR&G Persons, to ensure that no payment is made or anything of value, whether lunches, gifts or anything else, is given or provided to civil servants, or persons employed in state service or state agencies, over what and when it is allowed by the law.

Criminal Act

Giving and accepting bribe are criminal acts penalized by imprisonment of up to 12 (twelve) years.

Also, other corrupt practices are prohibited and are punishable under the legal responsibility for the acts of the perpetrators.

Usual Occasional Gifts

Depending on the circumstances of the case the usual occasional gifts can sometimes be considered acceptable.

Usual occasional gifts can generally be considered as the following gifts:

  • which have been made without an intention of affecting a third party in any manner in order to achieve some business benefits or obtain a specific work, etc.,
  • which comply with regulations of Republic of Serbia,
  • which are not given in cash,
  • which correspond to the circumstances under which they were made,
  • that have been made publicly and transparently, and by no means secretly, hidden or in any similar way, etc.

Prohibition of Corruptive Presents

DR&G has a policy not to provide any presents or things of value, or payments to any person who is in a position to decide on the rights and interests of DR&G or DR&G’s clients.

Keeping Evidences

DR&G will, to the practically most possible extent, and always in accordance with mandatory requirements, for all gifts, keep appropriate written evidences that will clearly show the intention for providing it and their nature, the value and context in which they are made.

Final Provisions

This Policy on Prevention and Detection of Corruption is binding for all employees, attorneys, lawyers, associates, agents and consultants of DR&G, who are obliged to respect and adhere to it.

Violation of this Policy represent a legitimate reason for DR&G to cease co-operation with a person responsible for violation of the Policy’s provisions. Also, DR&G will, in accordance with its legal obligations, report such behaviors to the competent authorities.

This Policy on Prevention and Detection of Corruption shall enter into force and apply as of 01 May 2016.

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