Banking and finance are areas which are extensively regulated in Serbia and other countries in the region


Banking and finance are areas which are extensively regulated in Serbia and other countries in the region

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are areas which are extensively regulated in Serbia and other countries in the region. Our lawyers assist both with respect to local banking and finance issues and those related to cross-border issues.

Our lawyers advise banks and companies both on transactions involving only Serbia as well as those with an internation­ al element. Such assistance is most commonly provided in the M&A context and in relation to the acquisition of real estate. Also, project finance has become a common avenue for financing in Serbia and the region, in particular in the energy sector. Project finance often involves public procurement and various other regulatory issues, all of which are covered by our lawyers.

Restructuring and insolvency are areas which have particularly developed in Serbia and the region since the global finan­ cial crisis. We assist clients in sailing through this complex process as seamless as possible. This assistance is provided jointly by our Banking and Finance and Dispute Resolution teams, which ensures that the relevant issues are tackled from all sides.

The financial services sector is heavily regulated in the region, with the central bank and other watchdog keeping a close eye on how these services are performed. We help clients understand and fully comply with these regulations. Especially important in this respect is knowing the practice of local regulatory bodies. Thanks to our experience and ongoing man­ dates, we are always up to date with the latest developments not only in legislation but also with respect to how the local regulatory bodies and courts handle contentious issues.

Following the global financial crisis, non-performing loans have soared across the region. Our lawyers assist banks and other investors in transactions involving distressed loan portfolios, both on the side of the acquirer and on the side of the seller. Due to their many facets, such transactions are always a challenge to support and therefore require sophisticated local expertise.



  • Advising banks and corporate clients involved in local and cross-border transactions in relation to loans, on lender and borrower side alike
  • Support with respect to local banking regulations (the banking sector is heavily regulated across the region)
  • Real estate finance (in cooperation with our Real Estate, Energy and Infrastructure team)
  • Advising on the sale/purchase of non-performing loans
  • Advising on regulatory aspects of asset management


  • Support in financing transactions, in particular in the M&A context
  • Assisting clients with respect to project finance issues
  • Providing support with respect to debt restructuring and refinancing
  • In cooperation with colleagues from our Dispute Resolution team, representing clients involved in bankruptcy proceedings before local courts
  • Advising on structured finance issues


As a heavily regulated sector, banking and finance require expert knowledge of the applicable local regulations. However, due to the rising importance of cross-border financing transactions, being able to deal with a plethora of local banking and finance frameworks has become imperative. This is where one of our main strengths comes into play - owing to our regional network and cooperation with international law firms, we are able to assist even in the most complex multi-juris­ diction deals.




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