Considering that regulatory requirements around the world are becoming ever more complex and challenging to navigate through, companies are increasingly aware of the necessity to safeguard that their business practices harmonized with all applicable laws and standards of the countries in which they are doing business.

We have timely identified the importance of this issue, becoming one of the first Serbian law firms to be licensed by Trace International to provide compliance training to our clients.

We assist companies and their corporate bodies to minimize the risks they face from compliance violations by implementing compliance management systems or by dealing with already committed compliance violations.


  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption certifications and training
  • Designing and implementing tailor-made compliance management systems
  • Data protection compliance
  • Anti-trust compliance
  • Employment law compliance
  • Internal compliance programs
  • Employee fraud
  • Internal investigations
  • Public relations and crisis communication
  • Risk assessment of operations
  • White collar crime representation
  • Breach of professional secrecy
  • Creation of whistleblowing hotlines
  • Criminal compliance advice and workshops
  • Preparing compliance handbooks for individual areas of law
  • Preparing and implementing document retention policies
  • Assessing and developing existing compliance programs
  • Providing advice in connection with dawn raids
  • Advising on internal investigations, especially with regard to criminal and antitrust law
  • Representing and advising clients before supervisory and investigative authorities




Tel. +381 (0)11 414 33 60 (switchboard)

+381 (0)11 414 33 63 (direct)

+381 (0)69 504 03 51


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