Corporate, commercial and M&A is our flagship practice area.


Corporate, commercial and M&A is our flagship practice area.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate, commercial and M&A is our flagship practice area. Our clients include leading multi-national and domestic corporations, as well as high-net-worth individuals and PE & VC funds pondering investments in the region.

Our legal support is not limited only to entrance into the local market, but we also support and advise clients regarding maintaining and developing the value of their investments, as well as in developing and executing their exit strategies (where applicable). This follows our philosophy of developing long-term and sustainable relationship with all our clients.

Our team is composed of experienced legal professionals, most of whom have received at least a part of their education at leading law schools in the EU and the US. This enables us to fully understand the client's needs, ideas, requirements and expectations and to provide them with the legal advice that creates added value for their business. Also, all our law­ yers are fluent in English and in addition to that we are capable to advise clients in German, Russian and Hungarian language.


Doklestic Repic & Gajin has unrivalled regional experience in advising clients in all areas of corporate, commercial and M&A law, including the following:


  • M&A and transactional advisory
  • Legal due diligence reports
  • Private M&A deals
  • Public M&A deals
  • Structuring of transactions & tax planning
  • Joint ventures
  • Private equity & venture capital
  • Merger approvals
  • Drafting and negotiating complex transaction documents
  • Public takeovers and takeover bids
  • MBOs/ LBOs
  • Share deals & asset deals
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Privatization procedures
  • Status changes (e.g. spin-offs, mergers, demergers, )
  • Structuring and protection of foreign investments


  • Foundation of companies (LLC, JSC, etc.)
  • Corporate governance
  • Capitalization & financing
  • Status changes (e.g. spin-offs, mergers, demergers, )
  • Changes of legal form
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Liquidations & terminations
  • Capital changes (increase, decrease)
  • Share transfers
  • Corporate agreements & arrangements (intra-group & unrelated)
  • Company representation authorities and limitations
  • Joint ventures
  • Tag along & drag along arrangements
  • Put/call options


  • Commercial & business agreements
  • Multilateral business arrangements
  • Implementation of new business models
  • Cross-border business transactions
  • International sale of goods (including CISG)
  • Letters of credit & bank guarantees
  • Consortium & partnership agreements
  • Foreign exchange operations (domestic and Cross-border)
  • Collateralization I securing of business risks
  • Floating charges & commercial financing
  • Export/import operations
  • lncoterms
  • Distribution agreements
  • Logistics, transportation & insurance


  • Thin capitalization issues
  • Insolvency procedures (both for creditors & debtors)
  • Insolvency reorganizations & turnarounds
  • Pre-pack reorganizations
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in boards of creditors
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Recognition and enforcement of claims in Insolvency I bankruptcy
  • Challenging of debtors' actions & protection of creditors
  • Acquisition of distressed assets


  • Representation of clients in PP proceedings
  • Advice on applicable PP procedure
  • Assistance with preparation and submission of bids
  • Objections & appeals
  • Administrative disputes
  • Direct negotiations
  • PP contracts
  • Exemptions & notifications


  • IPOs and issuing of securities
  • Public offering, admittance to trading
  • Public prospectus - preparations and approvals
  • Notifications & publications obligations
  • Relations with the SEC and stock exchange
  • Takeover bids (TOBs)
  • Defense strategies against hostile takeovers
  • Reporting Duties
  • Delisting of public companies
  • Corporate governance for publicly traded companies
  • Insider trading I dealing
  • Market manipulations


  • Public-private partnerships: structuring effective models
  • Tendering & bidding: structuring offers and designing tender and bid procedures
  • Infrastructure risk management: risk assessment, allocation and transfer
  • Infrastructure project finance
  • Evaluation committee advice and participation
  • Infrastructure project litigation & dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration and litigation)
  • Advising on the political process and governmental procedures and culture
  • Advising parties on all sides of transactions in a variety of sectors and industries, including: accommodation facilties, airports, energy systems, mining and natural resources, food production plants, highways, toll roads and bridges, hospital and hospital services, etc.


  • Consultancy and legal opinions on energy & mining legislation and regulations
  • Transactions before the Regulatory Authorities and competent Ministries
  • License transactions
  • Arrangement of energy investments
  • Drafting of agreements related to energy
  • Consultancy on various components of energy markets such as generation, distribution, transmission and retail
  • Civil and administrative litigation
  • Consultancy on environmental law matters and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports
  • Full support regarding the mining projects, including mining registry research and transactions, permits and licenses, mining sector contracts and mining law consultancy.


Members of our team have been engaged on some of the biggest and most prominent transactions in the region, which is a warranty of our expertise. Dr. Slobodan Doklestic, head of our Commercial, Corporate and M&A team, alone has advised clients on corporate and M&A transactions value of which exceeds EUR 2 billion - which is formidable for the Serbian and regional market.




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