Our energy & mining department has extensive experience advising local and international companies, financial institutions, and technology providers in all areas of this constantly changing field of law.

We advise our clients with due diligence investigations, mergers and acquisitions, project financing, licensing processes and regulatory compliance. We assist in every stage of the project development process, from the preparation of strategic advice, to the final closing of contracts, obtaining required permits and implementing transactions.

Considering the complex regulatory framework and sensitivity of this sector, and having in mind that some of the biggest deals in the region have come from this sector, our professionals are deeply involved in all areas of this industry. This includes regulatory and financial aspects, licensing; tenders; construction; operational matters for renewable energy projects (such as wind farms, stored energy and others), desalination projects, and natural gas resources.


  • Consultancy and legal opinions on energy & mining legislation and regulations
  • Transactions before the Regulatory Authorities and the competent Ministries
  • License transactions
  • Arrangement of energy investments
  • Drafting of agreements related to energy
  • Advising with regard to tender participation
  • Consultancy on various components of energy markets such as generation, distribution, transmission, and retail
  • Civil and administrative litigation
  • Consultancy on environmental law matters and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports
  • Full support regarding mining projects, including mining registry research and transactions, permits and licenses, mining sector contracts and mining law consultancy.




Tel. +381 (0)11 414 33 60 (switchboard)
+381 (0)11 414 33 69 (direct)
+381 (0)64 101 16 22 (cell)



Tel. +381 (0)11 414 33 60 (switchboard)
+381 (0)11 414 33 62 (direct)
+381 (0)64 11 843 88 (cell)

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