Regional Capabilities

Our regional network of correspondent offices covers the entire Southeast Europe: apart from Serbia, where we are seated, and Montenegro, which we also cover directly, through our correspondent offices we are able to serve clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Albania.

The idea behind the network is simple: to be able to provide a one-stop-shop for clients who need assistance in more than one country of the region. All such work is coordinated by and delivered from one center, which ensures that the client gets a uniform advice for all of the jurisdictions involved, without the need to separately engage and communicate with several firms.

The assembly and operation of our regional teams is facilitated by the fact that all of the lawyers from our network have had substantial experience in cross-border transactions in the region. And due to the specialization within the firms from the network, we are also able to provide specialized advice when acting as a team, in which local law specialists provide their local expertise, which is then combined into the uniform product for the client.

The jurisdictions covered by our network are diverse, in the sense that some of them are already in the EU (Croatia and Slovenia) while the others are still on the road towards EU membership. Nevertheless, from a geographic and economic point of view, EU membership is often of secondary importance – trade takes place irrespective of such boundaries, which creates the need for a network covering non-EU as well as EU jurisdictions in the region.

In addition, all of the countries covered by our network which are still not in the EU are part of CEFTA, a regional trade bloc, within which trade barriers have been all but eliminated. In turn, such trade liberalization has led to an increase in the regional trade, which has naturally led to the increase in the demand for cross-border legal services covering the region. A network such as ours fits perfectly into this context, allowing our clients trading within CEFTA to get comprehensive legal advice from one point of contact.

Our relationship with the correspondent law firms from our network enables us to always assemble the most optimal team depending on the requirements of the project in question. What makes the difference in our regional work is the reputation of the firms we work with: all of them are considered as leading commercial law firms and are ranked in Legal 500 and/or Chambers & Partners for their respective jurisdictions.

What would you like to do in the region? Please let us know and we will assemble for you a team which will enable you to do just that.

News And Events

Individual Exemption in Serbia: 2017

When it comes to restrictive agreements, Serbia still has a system of individual exemption based on prior notification to the NCA. And since the NCA has recently published a summary of all exemption decisions it adopted during 2017, it may be interesting to look at these in more depth.

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Competition Newsletter: August 2018

The newsletter for August is out! Read about the latest competition law developments in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia (FYROM).

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Serbian NCA ‘Has No Jurisdiction’ over Extraterritorial Vertical Agreements

In a recently published opinion, the Serbian NCA pronounced it had no jurisdiction over an extraterritorial vertical agreement. The extraterritorial vertical was an exclusive distribution agreement between a Serbian supplier and a foreign distributor.

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Montenegro to Introduce Citizenship by Investment

It has been a long time in the making, but the legislative process is soon to be formally completed: Montenegro is to introduce a program which will allow individuals to acquire Montenegrin citizenship by investing in the country.

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Competition Newsletter: July 2018

The newsletter for July is out! Read about the latest competition law developments in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia (FYROM).

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